Welcome to AAHA Learning


For the past 22 years AAHA Learning & Associates, have been creating extraordinary learning adventures for 1000's of people of all cultures, ages, races, religions & genders.

Our Method, known as Cogmotics©, is the product of 100's of individuals & groups who have brought their special talents to enrich the AAHA Learning Experience & their own lives.

Our strong foundations in Formal Education gives Cogmotics structure & purpose - our love as teachers, trainers, facilitators gives it heart & soul.

We have run courses on a wide range of themes & topics, in hundreds of cities & different venues around the world.

Experience a quantum leap in learning

Courses last anything from a few hours to several days. Groups can be anything from a few people to several hundred.

The acid test of any educational intervention is how much is remembered & applied.

Cogmotics goes to the heart of the matter to re-awaken the learner inside us all. Delegates are often able to accurately describe both their experiences and insights many years later.

The short & long term successes we have had are proof of the power and impact of holistic principles and practices. People often find they feel energized, more confident & empowered to make changes in their personal & working lives.