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A senior Nedbank executive attended one of our 4-day residential Aaha learningshops in 2008. Having experienced the great benefits of our homely and relaxed learning environment, he immediately changed his corporate 'bored' room into a 'blessed' room. The photos below illustrate this delightful environmental transformation. As Mastercrafters of holistic learning we serve as catalysts for the transformation of something even more important... the environment within !!



  1. 'Of the 51 external contributors who met with the Meridian group this year, comprising leading figures across the public, private and civil society sectors, you were voted the second-best speaker. Given the calibre of the individuals who contributed, from Director Generals of national government departments, to other CEOs, Heads of NGOs and individuals who carry great reputations in their personal capacities, this is a significant achievement and a great honour. Thank you again for your contribution to the group. We are most grateful to you!...This has been a great year of connection between AHAA Learning and Common Purpose.'
    Elsbeth Dixon - CEO of Common Purpose

  2. 'Rather than trying to teach you something Bruce Copley masterfully invites you into discovering and finding out for yourself. From the first experience we were prodded through communication, coaxed through music, beckoned through theatre, teased by drums and nudged by silence.'
    Sandy Dacombe - SABC presenter

  3. 'Your interventions have played a significant role in the transformation processes in the various businesses I've managed over a number years. I applied many of the holistic lifestyle and leadership principles learnt from you and they resulted in dramatic changes in both my life and those of my staff. Significant positive impacts on quality, standards, service, revenue growth and profitability were the result.'
    Mr Grant Ruddiman - Leading International Hotelier

  4. Dr Copley's passionate and interactive approach is a refreshing departure from tradition and conventionality. He manages to do exactly what he says which is to re-ignite a person's passion for learning at a deep and permanent level - no matter what the particular arena of learning may be. The truly remarkable thing is that Dr Copley embodies what he teaches - he inspires by example and really walks his talk. He is not only content to dream visions of possibility but is committed to transforming them into action and reality. He is Patch Adams, he is John Keating from Dead Poets Society, he is any person who selflessly serves the human race and skillfully catalyzes holistic human potential, personal mastery, self reliance, community service, personal freedom and non violence.'
    Stefan Coetzee - Programmer

  5. 'Dr. Bruce Copley and his AAHA Learning associates create a wonderful safe space for a Learning experience which is holistic and appeals to multiple aspects of our human journeys. We were amazed at the amount of life-relevant themes which could be covered. We found it inspiring, healing, transformational and positively challenging and can highly recommend the Learningshop.'
    Louise van Rhyn - Director of Symphonia

  6. 'You achieved excellent ratings for both your sessions and were the only presenter to do this - due to this outstanding performance we would like to extend a special invitation for you to present at our conference next year.'
    Lennart Rohlin - President, MiL Institute, Sweden.

  7. 'You made such a huge impression at our annual conference attended by 1500 principals from all over South Africa that the decision to invite you to address our annual Teachers conference was unanimous... we want them like the principals to get excited about teaching using all your lateral thinking methods.'
    Gavin Keller - Academic Programme Director, South African Principals Association (SAPA)

  8. 'At first the simplicity confused me and when this cleared my life changed...'
    Graham Wood - Operations Director, Sun City Resort and currently GM of Southern Sun Hotels

  9. 'Far more experiential and multi-dimensional than other development programmes...'
    Prof William Spady - Founder of Outcomes based education (OBE)

  10. 'Reminded me of the incredible power we all hold to transform our lives...'
    Wendy Luhabe - CEO : Bridging the Gap and author of Defining moments

  11. 'Elevates an organization into a new plane of real learning...'
    John Counihan - Sasol

  12. 'Your receiving a standing ovation at a business conference is very rare indeed...'
    Nils Welleus - Talarforum, Sweden

  13. 'Die kursus het my geweldig gehelp om openbaarheid in my span te kry...'
    Elbeth Le Roux - Head Training Technicon, SA

  14. 'Simple concepts embedded in the mind for evermore...yes, yes, yes - attend a Bruce Copley course - an invigorating, provocative, spiritual experience...'
    Terry Walton - Executive Director, Grinaker Construction

  15. 'Promotes better human-beingness......'
    Andre van Niekerk - International artist & sculptor

  16. 'Revelation after revelation emerged....far more experiential and multi-dimensional than other professional development programmes...my learning was profoundly personal and humanising.....the opportunity to be totally myself......'
    Prof William Spady - Founder/Pioneer of Outcomes Based Education (OBE)

  17. 'A new, logical approach to life and learning......'
    Dave Gleeson -

  18. 'One of the most dynamic and experiential moments in my life ......'
    Lynden Lund -

  19. 'A profound experience.. new ways of doing things..an exercise in self-examination ...'
    Dr Kobus van Zyl -

  20. 'Dit het my lewe verryk en my lewensuitkyk verbreed......'
    Johan du Preez - Technicon SA

  21. 'A humbling experience ... it has opened a new dimension of interaction in the work environment... '
    Ria van Wyk - Grinaker Construction

  22. 'Your approach made people realise they have blinkers on and you showed them how to remove them in less than 2 hours...'
    Brenda Eckstein - Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Commerce

  23. 'A great deal more thought provoking, practical and meaningful than anything I have done before......'
    Bruce Krebs - Computer Specialist

  24. 'Does more than any intellectual exercise could hope to do adding a special quality and richness to any human relationship...'
    Ursula Mattras - Communication Specialist

  25. 'My emotional, spiritual, perceptive, cognitive and physical beings have been submerged in such nutritious growth....I will never forget this authentic feeling of being....'
    Kerry Gilmour - Facilitator

  26. 'An unforgettable, holistic, experiential learning technique that achieves what all manner of conventional teaching systems fail to achieve........elevates an organisation into a new plain of real learning that will amaze you ......'
    John Counihan - Sasol

  27. 'For the first time we have learnt how to create experiences for our employees that truly bring to life the benefits of good teamwork, communication and trust.....have used this approach at primary school level with fantastic lasting results that clearly show that this approach can be applied from top management down to primary school level......'
    Anton Visagie - HR Director, Sentrachem

  28. 'ie kursus het my gehelp om meer van myself te leer ken en gewelding gehelp om openheid in my span to kry...'
    Elbeth le Roux - Head : Training,Technicon SA

  29. 'You have had a most significant impact on our team and have opened our minds to totally new insights regarding thinking and learning......'
    Tony Bowen - Managing Director,Grinaker Projects

  30. 'After this programme I realise that I do not even understand the meaning of the concepts of real teamwork, care and excellence.....'
    Dr Vince Lovell - Managing Director, National Chemical Products

  31. 'This method is extremely conducive to learning and these concepts remain with you.....my middle management are now much more confident, responsible and productive than ever before.....'
    Steven Bagg - Operations Director, Sun City Resort

  32. 'You have not only passed with flying colours, but also managed to light little fires of change and personal growth in every one of the delegates lives.....'
    Cobus Visser - National Marketing Manager, Monis

  33. 'Your approach is certainly unique and taught all of us a great deal about ourselves......your unique experiences created a deep personal shift from team to community.....'
    Rod Fehrsen - CEO, Glass SA

  34. 'Jou program het geweldig baie vir my beteken ten opsigte van aspekte van bestuur wat ek nooit eers aan gedink het nie....dit sal my in staat stel om baie meer produktief te wees as n bestuurder.....'
    Roelf Visagie - Area Manager, Bankfin

  35. 'An extremely interesting approach to integrated learning that has encouraged and enlightened me.....'
    Tom Metrovich - HR Manager, Nedbank College

  36. 'One of the most extraordinary and special experiences of my life....'
    Ron Precious - Regional Manager, Old Mutual Group Schemes

  37. 'Ek wil so gou moontlik toepas wat ek ondervind met jou passie stap vir stap......'
    Frikkie de Jager - National manager, Business Development, Bankfin

  38. 'In all of the sessions I was privileged to have with Bruce I believe that these experiences have made me a better manager, friend, husband and father.......'
    Christopher P. Johnson - Executive Assistant Manager, Sun City Hotel

  39. 'Although we are a conservative bunch, our journey into 'holistic issues' has certainly been one that has broadened our views on life in general. There is also strong evidence that we now understand one another better than before, and that there is a higher level of 'team effort' in place than previously was the case.'
    Roy Smither - MD, ICS Holdings