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The following is an alphabetical list of conference and seminar presentations (30 - 90 minutes) by Dr Bruce Copley.

A - D

  1. Accelerated learning through whole brain thinking

  2. Accessing your creative genius

  3. An apprenticeship in paying attention

  4. Are you earning a living, or learning a life?

  5. Are you one of the IN-CROWD ???
    ...inflexible ...indifferent ...incomplete
    ...insecure ...incompetent ...insane...intolerant ????
    Learn to break the IN so you can break OUT!!!!

  6. Balanced living : From halfism to holism

  7. Carefrontation

  8. Change-itis : Are you fighting, fleeing, fumbling, freezing or flowing?

  9. Clarifying and living your life purpose

  10. Coming face to face with your face.

  11. Creating and maintaining community at home and at work

  12. Discovering the artist within

  13. Drumming and music making

E - H

  1. Facing the fire

  2. From halfism to holism

  3. From the personal to the planetary

  4. Getting out of your own way

  5. Gratitude and grace

  6. Health, holism and happiness

  7. Honouring natural rhythms and cycles

  8. Humour and play

I - L

  1. Innovation starts with an 'I'

  2. Integrating who you are with what you do

  3. Intuition : Going beyond your senses

  4. Intuitive leadership

  5. Journeying from the head to the heart

  6. Juggling your stereotypes and archetypes

  7. Learning by responsibility

  8. Learning how to learn

  9. Lessons from nature

  10. Let's have a heart to heart

  11. Life: Are you Swerving, Swearing or Surging?

  12. Living and learning in the fire of relationships

M - P

  1. Making connections that count

  2. Meditation in everyday life

  3. Militant awareness

  4. Multi-sensory communication

  5. On becoming a provocateur

  6. On becoming the curator of your own contentment

  7. Paradigm paralysis : Causes, complications and cures

  8. Particitainment

  9. Personal mastery: The alpha and the omega

  10. Pleasure, fame and the riches : Is there more?

  11. Poetry and storytelling

  12. Putting the heart and soul back into business

Q - T

  1. Rekindling the spirit in work

  2. Relationship strategies and economics

  3. Relaxation and meditation techniques

  4. Revisionary business

  5. Sound journeys...psycho acoustics

  6. The ABC of Leadership : On being the CEO of your life

  7. The art of letting go

  8. The power of now

  9. The power of service

  10. The web that connects

  11. Tools for conscious living

U - W

  1. Voluntary simplicity

  2. Whole brain thinking