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Bruce Copley and associates design and animate extraordinary learning experiences for people ranging from pre-school children to pensioners.

A very broad range of general as well as specific topics are offered. Client's needs are carefully analysed and discussed to ensure customised and value added programmes, which may range from 2 hours to 12 months.

Some of the most popular topics/themes presented by AAHA Learning in South Africa and abroad are (click on a topic to open the section):


Music and Art

  1. Commusication

  2. Soundscape Journeys

  3. Reveal the Artist Within

  4. Music, Drumming, Rhythm, Dance and Song

  5. Customized Weddings, Ceremonies and Rituals


This unforgettable 1-day sound and music adventure is guaranteed to greatly exceed even your most optimistic expectations irrespective of your musical experience, skills or background.

Experience the joy of playing a huge variety of instruments such as the Hang, drum, bells, shakers, click sticks, tambourine, monochord, didgeridoo, ocean basket, conch shell, ocarina, shakuhachi, shakudidgehachi, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, harmonica, bull roarer, harmonic whirlies, Angklungs, marimba, karimba, mouth harps, Lyre, rain stick, Chinese gong and many more.

Introducing a revolutionary new instrument played by intuition - the amazing CLARYTONE - you have to play it to believe it!

This extraordinary Acoustic experience also incorporates a soothing and rejuvenating Soundscape Journey.

Here is a video from a recent Commusication session , where we worked with the acclaimed American community builder Peter Block:

Soundscape Journeys

For an experience quite unlike any other...

We live in a perpetually vibrating universe and sound vibration significantly influences our ability to function optimally in the world.

Individuals or groups of up to 500 are treated to a 'soul massage' by fascinating natural sounds produced on a variety of instruments both ancient and modern.

Reveal the Artist Within

Within each one of us is an artist silently shaping, moulding and colouring our experience of living. Regularly giving the artist within free reign and full voice, through drawing, painting, sculpting, singing and/or dancing, has the potential to integrate our senses, soften our hearts and enliven our bodies. In these Learningshops delegates not only see and hear masters at work, but also become their own masters in the DOING.

Aspects covered include:

- Personal growth and mastery
- Creativity and Innovation
- Catalyse profound changes in lifestyle
- Learning to Play and Playing to Learn
- Adaptability, Flexibility and Versatility
- Sourcing your passion and energy

We should seek wholeness as one whose hair is on fire, seeks the river !!

Music, Drumming, Rhythm, Dance and Song

The healing power of music is evident when people are transformed into a tribe of foot-stomping, hand-clapping, whistling and singing participants with shining eyes and smiling faces.

The age old custom of communal music making provides an enjoyable and integrated learning experience to better understand such things as non-verbal communication, synergy, chaos, creativity, altered states of consciousness, stress release and letting go.

Rhythm and music are universal languages that all can feel and understand.

Customized Weddings, Ceremonies and Rituals

Is your upcoming event in danger of becoming mundane, conventional, boring, devoid of any originality, essence and meaning?

Bruce Copley and his talented associates can transform your occasion, creatively using light, fire, sound, colour, stories, poetry, music and more, into an unforgettable and extraordinary experience.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away!

Thank you Bruce for your music and for helping guide the process... it was clearly a major success for us both... ' - Dr and Mrs Bernard Brom on the occasion of their wedding.

Your contribution was so inspirational at our wedding. You crafted a magical mix of atmosphere and melody which effortlessly complemented the setting and proceedings. Your enthusiasm for what we wanted, your willingness to search for what would work and your keenness to partake in the whole event were a great gift to us.' - Mr and Mrs Malcolm Fair


Personal Mastery

  1. Managing Relationships

  2. Empowerment: Optimizing Human Potential

  3. Lessons from the Original Fire

  4. Exploring the Wilderness Within

  5. Motivation: Living with Purpose and Passion

  6. Lessons from Nature and the Natural Order

Managing Relationships

Living and learning in the fire of human relationships is essentially about balance. With regard to the fire the closer the hotter, the further away the colder. Successful customer service is about the right balance. This all important business relationship requires constant attention and adjustment simply because both parties are continually changing. The balance between internal and external customer service is important and is a major focus in this intervention.

Empowerment: Optimizing Human Potential

Empowerment is simply the manifestation of our unique and innate abilities and aptitudes. While we cannot in reality empower others we can create circumstances and opportunities that allow them to take back their own power. Previously disadvantaged/handicapped people in particular need to be given these opportunities. Personal mastery is an essential part of the empowerment process and features prominently in this intervention.

Lessons from the Original Fire

A unique and mysterious experience for individuals and groups... a chance to step back in time and experience what our ancestors valued above all... the power of the ORIGINAL FIRE. Master a skill that is 1.5 million years old! Those who have kindled their own original fire discover memorable links between this magical alchemical process and important endeavours such as:

personal mastery
community building
transformation and synergy


Activities customised to the client's needs.
Central boma fire lighting, fire circles and dances, candle ceremonies, sweat lodges, etc.
A team building exercise in which each person plays a specific role in the fire creation.
Fun activities in which groups/individuals are given specific challenges and objectives.

Looking for an unforgettable and different experience?

Internationally acclaimed holistic educator, speaker and presenter Bruce Copley uses the fire making experience as an UNFORGETTABLE learning tool. In his unique fireshops for corporate groups and individuals, participants birth their own original fire, using the ancient stick friction technique used for thousands of years by indigenous people.

Making the original fire is a hand and heart warming art that is both fun and immensely satisfying. Those who have kindled their own original fire discover memorable links between this magical alchemical process and important endeavours such as personal mastery, community building, creativity, leadership, transformation and synergy, in ways that conventional approaches are unable to do.

Bruce's expertise as a fire creator and keeper has sparked a keen interest in preserving forgotten cultures from ancient times. He is even teaching modern San Bushmen whose use of matches/lighters has deprived them of this skill, how to make the original fire. Bruce has adapted this ancient skill and designed a captivating 'hands-on' FIRESHOP that is receiving rave reviews all over the world. Indigenous people are hand making original fire kits for sale that are working replicas of the fire making tools used by the Bushmen.

There is a growing demand for fire kits that are proving to be very popular with our corporate gifts and mementos for launches, conferences, indabas and parties.

Whether you're 7 or 70, the first wisp of nostril biting smoke magically brings to light visions of our prehistoric ancestors excitedly coaxing flames from wood twirled embers.

Exploring the Wilderness Within

Wake up to your dream instead of an alarm clock ! Imagine...

Your very own private safari camp for a never to be forgotten soul safari
Exploring the wilderness on foot - a journey of mind, body and spirit
Fireside story telling and reconnecting with your ancestors as you create your own fire
Discovering the African night sky and night vision safaris
5 star luxury accommodation in the African bushveld

This SOUL SAFARI LEARNINGSHOP has the extraordinary ability to serve as the cement that bonds the fragmented bricks of your life experiences into a magnificent temple - YOU !

Motivation: Living with Purpose and Passion

While motivation is often an 'outside-in' process (extrinsic) it is our contention that an 'inside-out' process (intrinsic) is much more effective and permanent. Discovering what we are called to do rather than compelled to do guarantees involvement that is purposeful, passionate and permanent. This intervention creates experiences that serve as a catalyst for such insights. The aim is to become as motivated about your job as you are about your favourite hobby or pastime.

Lessons from Nature and the Natural Order

Some of our greatest teachers are living in our own gardens!

Spending time in nature and perceiving and exploring the natural order with all your senses, is a calming, healing and stimulating experience that can add life to our years and years to our life.

Discover the soul of the natural order through the soles of your feet!


Creativity and Play

  1. Creative Thinking and Acting

  2. In Celebration of Play

Creative Thinking and Acting

As children we were naturally curious, playful, persistent and adventurous. These are essential qualities for creative and innovative thought and action, which can be rekindled and developed through whole person activities and experiences. Delegates recognise that innovation starts with an 'I'.

In Celebration of Play

Play as both an attitude and a practice is the foundation for learning, creativity, sensitivity, co-operation and balanced living. In this intervention delegates rediscover their joy and rewards of playful working, learning and living.

Learning to Play ... Playing to Learn

If you have always imagined this for yourself, now is the perfect time to explore the wonderful world of the dolphin!

Dare to join these magnificent creatures on a delightful journey that will catapult you into an unforgettable rendezvous with life.


Business and Organizations

  1. Business Principles and Practices

  2. The Learning Organization

  3. Transformational Leadership

Business Principles and Practices

Accessing Holistic Intelligence in Business

Using a variety of novel holistic experiences and exercise delegates are given valuable and practical insights into business related concepts such as entrepreneurship, imports/exports, trade/industry, service excellence, performance management, economic growth, business by responsibility, the energy of money, etc.

Move from Systems THINKING to Systems DOING

The Learning Organization

The greatest obstacle to human growth and development is not poverty, illness or illiteracy but rather our inability to learn, unlearn and relearn. Our unique holistic approach significantly enhances individual and collective learning in both the short and long term. We believe that to know and not to do, is not to know.

Transformational Leadership

The holistic leader is someone who is skilled facilitator, a sensitive mediator, an intuitive listener and a wise mentor. Such persons continually strive for excellence not perfection and for balance not specialisation.



  1. The Art and Science of Authentic Communication

  2. Storytelling in Organizations

  3. Creating and Maintaining a Workplace Community

The Art and Science of Authentic Communication

This involves a participative and fun-filled experience of all forms of communication such as verbal, visual, tactile and intuitive. Multi-sensory awareness exercises greatly enhance our ability to hear, see and feel how we and others communicate.

Storytelling in Organizations

Storytelling is a universal form of communication, which is magic because it engages, inspires and informs people. We listen until we hear where the magic has gone and then use our unique holistic approach to make it come back.

Creating and Maintaining a Workplace Community

This is a much more sophisticated and holistic version of the conventional team building intervention. In a workplace community people communicate authentically and skillfully, learn how to learn co-operatively and work collectively, relate with love and respect, explore alternative ways of thinking and planning and learn how to pace themselves and avoid burnout. In the modern world organisations and companies need much more than intelligent individuals and task focused teams.

Bruce Copley Learningshops, based on timeless principles and practices of Ubuntu, give participants a first hand experience of how a team or collective can become a vibrant community. The transformation occurs when, in the mirror of each human soul, the collective finds its reflection, and the virtue and diversity of every individual comes alive and is valued.

Aspects covered include:

- Communicate openly, skillfully and authentically
- Learn how to learn collectively and cooperatively
- Constructively and creatively manage conflict
- Relate with love and respect and bridge differences with integrity
- Become intrinsically motivated and more productive
- Learn how to pace oneself and avoid burnout
- Explore alternative ways of thinking, imaging and envisioning

Here is a video from a recent Community Building session, where we worked together with the famous American facilitator Peter Block:

Here is Peter's feedback on our mutual involvement:

'Bruce and Barbara embody the healing and transformative power of song, sound and rhythm. They make this accessible to every human being. Their work is like no other I have ever seen and I have been using music in my community work for ever. They engage us in a way that transcends whether we think we can sing, dance, or carry a beat. It is about connecting our breath, our listening, the clap of our hands with all others around us. Bruce has a way of naming the meaning of sound and song that allows us to enter the music in a new way. The cello in Barbara's hands brings us into contact with our humanity in all of its joy and sorrow. Irresistible. Both are fine musicians, but that is not the point. It is who they are, their generosity and their commitment to the quality of our experience that is their gift.'