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Cogmotics Alarm Clock

COGMOTICS© is an holistic way of making learning surprising, fun, involving, relevant & very personal.

We use a wide range of techniques to engage delegates on many levels - this produces the intense learning situation from which we weave our magic.

Business Applications

We invite people to challenge themselves physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally & spiritually - as individuals & as part of a group.

Our exercises, demonstrations & activities are refreshing & invigorating. People often report they feel lighter, more energetic & ready to enjoy life anew.

The insights gained are relevant & very personal - through a sharing process delegates clarify their own ideas & assimilate the wider opinions of the group.

Personal Applications

0nce tasted the power of holistic experience has the potential to change lives.

By nurturing the human inside all of us & allowing it to blossom - we can change the way we interact with family, friends, colleagues & customers. Our courses set into motion a renewed journey of discovery.

Sustainable - Re-awakening the learner within initiates a much longer process of discovery - through this manual & by other means we keep the dance going. Once awoken the learner within continues to give benefits.

Rediscover Every New Day