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'Whether you are a trainer wanting to re-ignite the passion for your teachings, an executive in urgent need of balance in your life, or just someone who understands that great customer service comes from passion and pride, the Shangri-La experience with Bruce Copley is an absolute necessity. Forget the boredom of the boardroom (bored-room), forget the rush, take time to turn the mirror to yourself and your company, reflect on your life under the caring eye of a world class teacher/facilitator/animator. In the world of knowledge-work, Bruce Copley’s course is an oases in the desert. You are guaranteed to go back to the workplace with a new sense of creativity, passion and enthusiasm. This course is a life changing experience. You cannot afford to miss it!'
Igno van Niekerk
Account Manager: Liberty Life Learning Department
Lecturer : University of the Free State

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AfrikaBurn 2013 & The Original Fire: The Mother of All Archetypes
Read about Dr Copley's AfrikaBurn proposal to the organizers, and
see what we actually did at AfrikaBurn 2013.

The Original Fire comes home to to the Grateful Heart Burn. Background music by Bruce's son Donovan Copley from Hotwater.