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Dr Bruce Copley

By Dr Bruce Copley

The holoprint is a magical work of art which may be formed in any viscous substance (toothpaste, grease, cream, honey, etc.). This beautiful design emerges when the substance is compacted between 2 smooth transparent sheets and the sheets are then separated.

The holoprint design is found in countless material structures both animate and inanimate. A few examples are veins, nerves, muscle fibres, bones, leaves, roots, trees, branches, coral, cones, flowers, sponges, cork, grass, fire, lightning, crystals, fossils, rocks, snowflakes, rivers, sand-dunes, waterfalls, electricity, clouds, labyrinths, fireworks, wood grains, etc., etc.

The Holoprint

Some interesting and thought provoking facts about the holoprint are:

  • Irrespective of the original shape of the viscous substance a CIRCLE will always emerge when the 2 sheets are pressed firmly together.

  • The holoprint can emerge in seconds when toothpaste is used or take millions of years to develop as crystal formations in agate or geodes - a truly TIMELESS phenomenon.

  • Pressing the transparent sheets together creates a VACUUM and the design emerges out of this vacuum.

  • Two beautiful permanent multi-coloured holoprints which are mirror images of each other can be created as follows: place 3 or 4 blobs of different coloured paint (acrylic or oil) next to each other on a transparent sheet. Create the holoprint and then allow both sheets to dry. Hang on a string or attach to a window.

  • Every part of the holoprint is CONNECTED to every other part of the design.

  • While the design has a clear circular BOUNDARY or edge, every part of the boundary is OPEN to the outside.

  • As the branches of the holoprint begin to emerge on the circumference of the formation they appear to be distinctly separate from one another. This however is only an incomplete perspective for as it forms and finishes, the BIG PICTURE is revealed with all the branches masterfully connected.

  • The HOLOPRINT design is a material manifestation of what can only be described as a universal and timeless HOLISTIC MORPHOLOGICAL PRINCIPLE constantly expressing itself in living organisms, inanimate material structures and other natural phenomena.

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