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Dr Bruce Copley

By Dr Bruce Copley

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The modern world is full of new and exciting inventions but occasionally one appears that is a cut above the rest. The amazing Clarytone flute has been designed by Chris Schuermans - a skilled South African ocarina craftsman. This instrument is destined to introduce and connect people to music in ways never before thought possible.

The Clarytone is currently made in clay and is about the size of a cupped hand. It sounds like a flute or ocarina(round flute) and has a single funneled hole. It has an incredible note range of almost 4 octaves (4th to 8th octave).

With this instrument it is possible to play any tune or melody in any key.

The Clarytone

What makes the Clarytone so unique is that it is the only INTUITIVE musical instrument in the world. This means that within minutes of starting to play it, anyone irrespective of their musical experience or ability, is able to recognizably reproduce any tune they may have in their head. With a few hours practice you can even begin to play along with your favourite music in the correct key. In addition to its sweet sounds, you can also sing or hum through it creating very interesting harmonics, overtones, triple tonguing and even bird whistles. Simultaneously playing a tune while humming means that you can accompany yourself while playing the Clarytone.

Playing the Clarytone is similar to whistling or singing but much easier, louder (can be heard over a distance of 1 km when played loudly) and more versatile. Experiments with both musicians and non-musicians is providing increasing evidence that it may well constitute a hitherto undiscovered and unrecognised quantum musical leap for both musicians and non-musicians. People who have never been able to sing, whistle, hum a tune or play a musical instrument can begin playing recognizable tunes and songs within minutes. Professional  musicians and particularly those who play fixed pitch instruments such as the piano, have been consistently amazed at the subtleties of playing the Clarytone and the musical lessons it teaches in the process.

All the notes on the Clarytone are created by subtle shape and pressure changes in the mouth as happens with singing and whistling. In an almost magical way you begin to INTUITIVELY or INSTINCTIVELY play notes and tunes without a conscious awareness of how you are actually doing this.….accessing the invisible from the subconscious mind. In an incredibly short space of time compared to other musical instruments, you begin to develop an intimate and sensitive relationship with all the notes across a 4 octave range. The notes are not being created by consciously going through the action of playing a note on a piano or saxophone, but are literally pulled out of a MUSICAL BLUEPRINT in your head !!

If music plays an important part in your life and you fancy being able to blow life into the tunes in your head or heart, the Clarytone will exceed your wildest expectations. It is only by hearing and playing this remarkable instrument that you know what this communiqué is attempting to convey.

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