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Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of Masters - seek what they sought

Dr Bruce Copley

By Dr Bruce Copley


What is required to live life to the fullest? For many of us it necessitates a crisis, blunder or catastrophe to really begin to prioritise our lives. We have been taught to believe that only through misfortune we find our fortune, that only through death do we learn to live and love and only through failure can we attain success. When we begin to understand, however, that life is a great drama/comedy and we are a planet of actors enacting our BECOMING, and becoming what we BEHOLD, we play our parts very differently. We begin to live our lives consciously through greater AWARENESS. With holistic awareness comes CHOICE and with choice comes the power to CHANGE - we begin to orchestrate our inner and outer realities and become the change we want to see happen. We learn to recognise patterns and opportunities and take things as they are and reweave them into things that can be. By doing this the "extended human being" can literally re-enchant the world and develop and supplement new patterns for being in their professions, communities and homes.


By applying the holistic learning principles of COGMOTICS to a smorgasbord of uniquely integrated holistic experiences you have the opportunity and potential to:

  • Re-educate your mind and body so you can release the latent capabilities contained in your brain and nervous system.

  • Explore alternative cognitive modes of imaging, visualising, thinking and responding.

  • Learn how life creates the art that then brings forth new creations of life.

  • Discover ways of clarifying your real intentions and life purposes in order to discover your true vocation i.e. that to which you are called.

  • Envision and revision your dreams, both personal and transpersonal and in so doing create a passion for the possible.

  • Learn to heal and be healed through love without conditions and forgiveness without agendas.

  • Find tools for implementing visions of a new moral and ethical society.

  • Acquire skills for reducing stress, enhancing motivation and improving productivity.

  • Heighten your sense of awe and wonder and rediscover your lost love of learning.

  • Experience community expressions of art, theatre, music, dance and play.

  • Explore realms of the psyche and spirit and journey through dimensions of awareness, consciousness and perception.

  • Participate in a variety of ancient and modern ceremonies and rituals.


Our public 1-day, weekend and 4-day learningshops are fundamentally aimed at igniting the sparks of human creativity and imagination which can then be used to create lives filled with passion, purpose, and possibility. For the assiduous participant, great benefits can result - for the merely interested, inspiration may be found and for the sceptical, a change of heart/head frequently occurs. If you are interested and excited in a rich study of expanded human insights and capacities and are willing to take the journey that leads to yourself, you are warmly invited to what can best be described as a "grand rendezvous with life".

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