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Dr Bruce Copley

By Dr Bruce Copley


Our approach is to avoid the following very common mistakes that seriously compromise authentic and effective learning, understanding, remembering and application:

  • Using an almost exclusive MONOLOGUE or 1-way communication approach with little or no emphasis on dialogue, discussion, questions or answers.

  • Assuming we KNOW THE NEEDS AND GOALS of our clients and delegates and in this way blatantly ignoring the principle and practice of CUSTOMER SERVICE/DELIGHT

  • Bombarding delegates with MASSES OF INFORMATION, FACTS AND FIGURES that are forgotten very quickly and consequently cannot be recalled or applied.

  • Creating and promoting a PASSIVE AUDIENCE who take little or no responsibility for their own needs, questions or learning.

  • Blissfully ignoring the fact that the INTERNET can quickly, cheaply and easily provide masses of information on virtually any theme, topic or subject.

  • Failing to recognise that information is nothing more than data that is, " in  formation "  or not yet formed. Unless the METHODS OR TECHNIQUES USED TO CONVEY ANY TYPE OF INFORMATION are able to go way beyond understanding into the realms of contextualising, integrating, applying and most importantly REMEMBERING,  then information could more easily  be obtained from sources such as  books, videos, libraries or the internet without the need for a lecturer or teacher.

  • It is a sad fact that in schools, colleges, universities and conferences all over the world students, pupils, delegates,  teachers, lecturers, presenters and trainers continue to get STUCK WITH OLD AND TIRED WAYS OF LEARNING, TEACHING AND COMMUNICATING. Motivational speakers for example are highly paid to simply provide a caffeine type "emotional high" that lasts for only a few hours.

  • Business consultants use " ice breakers " to open, relax and warm their audience and then promptly revert to " big freeze " tactics by bombarding their delegates with complex models, endless PowerPoint presentations, facts and figures, graphs and case studies that are largely forgotten within hours if not minutes. Teachers and lecturers fail students because they obtain 49% on a highly subjective marking or rating scale that is accorded precise scientific accuracy.

  • One of my ongoing passions in life is to draw attention to the madness of the large majority of our educational and training systems which  from pre-school to doctorate level create and perpetuate a paradigm riddled with stress, busyness and workaholism. There is a blatant lack of REVERENCE AND SOUL CONNECTION between educators and students. For 20 years as a university academic I actively and ignorantly practiced and supported the mistakes outlined above, blissfully unaware that there were much better ways of doing things. As an educational pioneer who has seen the light I am dedicated and passionately engaged in the exploration, discovery and application of holistic tools and techniques that breath life into education, learning and communication. In achieving this it is possible to reawaken the limitless learner within.

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