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The holoprint design is found in countless material structures both animate and inanimate. Examples are veins, nerves, bones, trees, leaves, lightning, snowflakes ...

  •  A Man and his Vision - The Holistic Smuts
    By: Rose De La Hunt
    Although many biographies have been written about Jan Christiaan Smuts, none of them, says Piet Beukes, author of The Holistic Smuts, have really penetrated the inner mind and spiritual quality of this remarkable man...

  •  Education for a New Nation
    By: Len Holdstock
    The human race can be shown as one great network of tissue which quivers in every part when one point is shaken, like a spider's web if touched...

  •  Holism
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    While the word holism is in common use throughout the world, few are aware that the father of modern holism was the South African Prime Minister and statesman General Jan Christiaan Smuts. He was the first to coin the term 'holism'...

  •  Holism, the Holoprint & the Hidden Connections
    By: Dr Paul Freinkel
    The 'wholes' are complex systems far from equilibrium. They are self organizing, adaptive in that they assimilate and respond to environmental stimuli, and interact...

  •  Holistic Intelligence
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    For many years human intelligence has been the focus of considerable debate and attention. Until recently however virtually all this attention was directed towards the description and measurement of intellectual or rational intelligence...

  •  New Age Learning: - From Linear to Geodesic
    By: David Meier
    New-age learning is not a set of new, trendy techniques. Rather, it's the educational reflection of the profound transformation taking place in our culture as we leave the Industrial Age...

  •  On Mind and Matter - A Case for a Psychotronic Cyborg
    By: Francois Strydom
    Psychotronics is defined as the study of the interrelations between consciousness, energy and matter. A cyborg is an intelligent human-machine hybrid and therefore psychotronics provide an obvious approach to realise such a system...

  •  Paradigm Paralysis - Causes, Complications & Cures
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    Despite their obvious importance, paradigms frequently inhibit necessary change, hamper creativity, block our vision of the future and retard our personal growth and development...

  •  Parakletos - Cogmotics in the Workplace
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    Studies reveal that on average, less than 10% of adult learners who attend conventional courses and training programmes are capable ( without additional support/input) of practically applying the information/data that the course provided...

  •  The Power and Impact of Holistic Experience
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    What follows are some insights we and other holistic animators have observed over a number of years with thousands of participants involved in a large variety of holistic experiences...

  •  Understanding Holism: How it May Form a Basis - for Understanding Many Other Things
    By: Dr Paul Freinkel
    Holism is the understanding of reality in terms of systems tending towards integrated wholes whose properties may not be reduced to those of smaller units. These wholes form at least four major groups of complexity...

  •  Wholeness Science: A New Approach
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    Within every individual there are two deep-seated natural desires. The one is to learn and discover how things work by analysing the parts or elements thereof, while the other is the innate desire to synthesize the parts...

'We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow beings and along those fibres, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes and they come back to us as effects.'

Herman Melville