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Dr Bruce Copley

By Dr Bruce Copley

While the word holism is in common use throughout the world, few are aware that the father of modern holism was the South African Prime Minister and statesman General Jan Christiaan Smuts. He was the first to coin the term "holism" from the Greek "Olos" which means whole. He was also the author of the widely used statement "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

In his seminal book " HOLISM AND EVOLUTION" published in 1926 his revolutionary ideas, visions and concepts were so advanced that it has taken almost 80 years for them to be recognised and understood by enlightened individuals working in the fields of science, education, politics, philosophy, conservation, medicine, psychology and religion. Smuts was of the opinion that we live in a world that has an innate tendency towards wholeness. In his view, material, organic and spiritual wholes are not isolated entities, but profoundly reticulated systems of interconnections and inter-actions that are continually evolving.

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