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Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of Masters - seek what they sought

By Dr Paul Freinkel


Eliyahu Dessler13 explains 'love flows in the direction of giving'. A person giving to another comes to love the receiver of his love. This seems counter intuitive. One expects that love motivates giving and that the receiver would come to love the giver. While this may be true, Dessler explains that giving may bring about love for the same reason that a person loves what he / she him / her self has created or nurtured: a person is bound in love to the work of his hands; for in it he or she recognizes a part of themselves. If a person comes to love the one to whom he gives. A stranger then is a person to whom one has not yet given. By giving to someone, Dessler explains, the giver in a sense has a share in the receiver's being and vice versa. And if good is sincerely bestowed on many, the giver's being has extended into many others. If one understands that we are all infinitely connected nodes on a cosmic holoprint, we begin to realize that our work is in fact a giving to many unseen others and though our own intentions and attitudes, can cause love to flow with the transmutation of the original fire.