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The Power and Impact of Holistic Experience

Dr Bruce Copley

By Dr Bruce Copley

What follows are some insights we and other holistic animators have observed over a number of years with thousands of participants involved in a large variety of holistic experiences.

  • Carefully designed holistic experiences and challenges can be used to:
     - Elicit highly relevant insights,
     - Provide specific practice in useful skills,
     - Create an arena for individual and collective growth and change through the use of powerful, graphic metaphors
     - Encourage fresh new perspectives on old issues and problems.

  • Because of the involvement of the whole person, participants take away a gut-level imprint and feel of what they know intellectually.

  • Participants become skilled at process management and frequently develop a common language for confronting issues and problems such as "time for a process break" or "lets ABC this one".

  • By risking physical and emotional vulnerability such as exposing one's awkwardness in new situations and disclosing feelings, participants invest significantly and reap marked returns in confidence, self-esteem and openness.

  • Because of the varied nature of holistic experiences, participants become acutely aware that individual differences are resources.

  • An holistic experience ensures powerful mental pictures embodying emotionally charged insights and reminders.

  • Within the group context, participants learn how to give and receive action-oriented feedback, tap into the collective creativity of the team, develop effective support networks, renew the team through celebration and humour and manage conflict resourcefully.

  • The impact of holistic learning is usually so profound that participants find it extremely difficult if not impossible to explain to others what they have learned and experienced.

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