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Didgeridoo Breath is a very prestigious and popular didgeridoo organisation in Perth, Australia... they have an amazing store with exceptionally helpful staff, most of whom are expert players themselves. This is certainly the most impressive didgeridoo establishment and store in Australia and probably in the world. Bruce Copley visited and played with them in 2007, and they have created a page featuring Bruce on their website.

Didgeridoobreath Jam

Bruce shown playing here with the guys from DidgeridooBreath!

Bruce's Didge Arsenal

Croco-Didge Copley

Bruce Amongst the Cycads

Dreamtime Didge Festival in Berlin
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Didgeridoo Masterclass

Dr Bruce Copley demonstrates why he is widely regarded as a maverick player whose feats with the Australian didgeridoo are quite unique.

Snow-skiing Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo maverick Dr Bruce Copley, an accomplished snow skier, exchanged his ski poles for a didgeridoo at the Cavalese ski resort in Italy in Feb 2010. After skiing down very steep black/expert slopes at speeds reaching 50km/hr while playing his didge he was joined here at the end of his run by his family 'flying in formation' behind him.

Didgeridoos Galore

Dr Bruce Copley talks about some of his favourite instruments.

Dual Didgeridoo

Dr Bruce Copley shows how to play two didgeridoos simultaneously.

  •  An Extra-Ordinary Feat... Re-Inventing the Didgeridoo
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    Dr Bruce Copley - Maverick Didgeridoo Player and Edge Walker... dares to go where few other didge players have gone before!

  •  An Interview with Bruce Copley
    By: Ed Drury
    'The Didgeridoo taught me to do things softly, gently & patiently...'

  •  Blow me didgeridoo, blue
    An Australian scientist is using a state-of-the-art brain imaging machine to investigate the complex physics involved when playing the didgeridoo, the ancient but extremely complex wooden musical instrument developed by the Aborigines...

  •  Didgeridoo Circular Breathing
    By: Dr Bruce Copley
    Some Tips & Tats from Bruce Copley

  •  Garma Festival Yidaki Principles
    By: Aaron Corn
    The Yidaki (didgeridoo) and the bilma (clapping sticks) are the rhythm and pulse for the stories of our ceremonies that go back to our ancestors. They look forward to sharing the world with Balanda (non-Aboriginal people)...

  •  The Dance of Dream
    By: Courtney Ward
    Of Blood..Women..Man..The Earth trembles... The dance of vibration shapeshifting the dream...

  •  The Didgeridoo as a Site of Economic Contestation in Arnhem Land
    By: Aaron Corn
    Some saw no reason, despite repeated explanations of the yidaki's spiritual significance, why didjeridus should not be bought and sold like any other instrument...

  •  The Essence of the Didgeridoo
    By: Stephen Kent
    I am here. My body dances, I am blind, I am sound, I am home - and away............ then the groove starts - does it come from in me? Do I catch it? Do I move it? I don't know...

  •  The History of the Didjeridoo
    The Australian Didjeridoo: An Ancient Soundscape...

'Learning to circular breath is like learning to kiss and I don't mean the boring closed mouth stuff! Like kissing when you get good at it, it is very pleasant, natural, relaxed and almost timeless.'

Dr Bruce Copley